Commercial and Industrial Heating Products

Commercial and Industrial Heating Products

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  • Rooftop Units

    Thanks to its ease of installation, the rooftop unit is a popular heating product amongst our commercial and industrial customers. Rooftop units work with all types of energy and is ideal for optimizing space.
  • Condensing Boilers

    The distinctive feature of the condensing boiler is its ability to extract the latent heat from the water vapour contained in the exhaust gas, then condensing the vapour before discharging the water in liquid form. The performance of these devices is unmatched, efficiency frequently reaching 98%.
  • Pellet Boiler

    Pellet heating systems (also known as biomass) has become a viable heating option for many of our customers. Using plant matter, biomass is considered a very effective renewable energy for heating all types of buildings.
  • Heat Pumps

    Integrated in a dual energy system, the heat pump provides a constant comfort through out the seasons while being energy efficient.
  • Water Heater

    Never run out of hot water, no matter what your needs are.
  • Solar Energy Systems

    Globally recognized as the most renewable, solar energy is often used as a complementary energy, as an auxiliary heating system or 100% equipped with autonomous batteries.
  • Air Purifiers

    Very popular with elderly people, air purifiers are designed to remove contaminants and harmful particles that occur naturally in the air. Not only will the air be healthier, but it will be easier to breathe.
  • Humidifiers

    Humidifiers are essential complements to heating and cooling systems, especially for people prone to asthma attacks, sinusitis and other respiratory inflammation. These devices will ensure a balanced distribution of heat or cool allowing optimum comfort and better health.

  • Steam Boilers

    The industrial grade steam boiler can not only heat very large buildings but it can also produce high pressure steam for your process equipment.
  • Suspended Units

    Since they do not require air ducts, these devices are very useful for large spaces and rooms with high ceilings.
  • Radiant Floors

    Radiant floor heating targets masses (or objects) rather than the air. This silent heating method provides constant temperature and superior comfort.
  • Pool Heating

    For commercial use such as condominiums, hotels and public pools, our pool heaters will ensure the comfort of your customers while meeting energy efficiency standards.
  • Industrial Process Burners

    You must consider this type of equipment if you intend to update your production operations. Our powerful process burners allow you to quickly reach very high temperatures accurately.

Other Products and Accessories

Alpha Combustion offers a wide range of complementary accessories and other products to ensure your comfort and maximize the efficiency of your system, such as:

  • Thermostats
  • Air Exchangers
  • Complementary purification system (UV lamps)
  • Glycol
  • Air filters
  • Patio heaters

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