Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning Products

Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning Products

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  • Cooling Towers

    The cooling tower is a high yield sophisticated cooling system that can provide very high volume of conditioned air. This type of system functions as a heat exchanger through direct contact of water and ambient air. Its effectiveness relies on the contact surface between the liquid element and the air. These systems require careful and rigorous maintenance. The Alpha Combustion experts have all the qualifications to develop the specific maintenance program for your equipment.
  • Rooftop Units

    Thanks to its ease of installation, the rooftop unit is a popular air conditioning product amongst our commercial and industrial customers. Great for space optimization, the rooftop units represent one of the best air conditioning system options for the vast majority of commercial buildings.
  • Heat Pumps

    Integrated in a dual energy system, the heat pump provides a constant comfort through out the seasons while reducing your cooling bill.
  • Wall Air Conditioner

    Several houses or dwellings have no central system. Ductless wall air conditioning units are ideal for targeting specific rooms in your building. It is also a great option for extra cooling when needed.
  • Multizone Wall Air Conditioner

    For some commercial buildings, the installation of a central system can be very difficult or simply impossible. Multizone wall air conditioning systems become the simplest solution. Although it can serve several workspaces, multizone wall air conditioning systems require only one external condenser.
  • Air Purifiers

    Very popular with elderly people, air purifiers are designed to remove contaminants and harmful particles that occur naturally in the air. Not only will the air be healthier, but it will be easier to breathe.
  • Dehumidifiers

    Dehumidifier is an essential complement to the heating and cooling systems, especially for people prone to asthma attacks, sinusitis and other respiratory inflammation. These devices will ensure a balanced distribution of heat or cool allowing optimum comfort and better health.

  • Cold Rooms and Refrigeration Systems

    To ensure the freshness of perishable goods, we supply and install refrigeration systems for refrigerated rooms as well as systems for ice surfaces (arena).
  • Refrigeration Rooms and Wine Cellars

    We supply and install refrigeration systems for chilled rooms of all kinds, including wine cellars and storerooms. For the casual wine taster or the true connoisseur!

Other Products and Accessories

Alpha Combustion offers a wide range of complementary accessories and other products to ensure your comfort and maximize the efficiency of your system, such as:

  • Thermostats
  • Air Exchangers
  • Complementary purification system (UV lamps)
  • Glycol
  • Air filters

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